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With an extensive professional background in psychology, Donna compiled this snack recipe guide for people who want to optimise brain health and wellbeing but don’t have time to spend hours in the kitchen. The snacks included are those Donna eats daily to maintain her high performance mindset. They are quick and easy to make, but most importantly packed with nutritional value, to improve mood, energy and cognitive performance. There are a million things you could eat during the day, but if you want brain benefits, it’s good to know exactly WHAT to eat and WHY! You will learn the benefits of each ingredient in this eBook and how it can help you, allowing you to feel happy in the knowledge that you are getting lots of nutrients to enhance how you feel and how you perform every day. 


DISCLAIMER: All th benefits of the ingredients outlined in this eBook are supported by science. However, always consult with a nutritionist or doctor to assess  your specific dietary needs and to confirm if these recipes are appropriate for you. This eBook should be considered a suggestive guide, not dietary advice.