Have you had enough of self-doubt? Do you want to break free from the shackles of challenge and unleash your true potential?

To be the best you can be?

The Confidence to Succeed Two-Day bootcamp, which is delivered by me personally, is your ticket to transformative growth and unparalleled success!

It will take place in Dublin on the 7th and 8th of June.

Places are limited so we can work on your individual needs and goals,  using up-to-date practical solution-focused strategies.

Here’s why it could be for you!

“Donna’s information was extremely well received. We found her content to be very strong!” – Google Head Office

  1. Expert Guidance: With over two decades of experience empowering individuals like yourself, I know the exact steps to take you from self-doubt to unstoppable confidence.

“Listen to this girl, she knows what she is talking about.” – Bob Proctor (The Secret)

  1. Tailored Strategies: Say goodbye to generic advice that doesn’t resonate with your unique challenges. This program is meticulously crafted to address your specific pain points and equip you with personalized strategies for success. Whether it’s overcoming imposter syndrome, mastering assertiveness, conquering fears, or creating clarity and peace of mind, I have you covered.
  1. Proven Techniques: Gain access to a treasure trove of proven techniques and tools that have helped countless individuals just like you. From mindset shifts to practical exercises, you will be armed with the arsenal you need to navigate any obstacle with grace and confidence.

“Donna’s techniques are powerfully simple to understand and use. You can unlock so much more inner potential and be far more successful in life when you control those inner demons inside your head.” – Boston Scientific

  1. Supportive Community: You’re not alone on this journey. Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who are committed to uplifting and empowering each other. Share your triumphs, seek advice, and draw inspiration peers who understand your journey like no one else.
  1. Life-Changing Results: Imagine a life where self-doubt no longer holds you back. Picture yourself stepping into every opportunity with unwavering confidence and conviction. With my mentorship, this vision can become your reality. Transform your mindset, elevate your performance, and unlock the door to limitless possibilities.

“I have had the honour of participating in several courses ran by Donna. She truly is an amazing knowledgeable, kind, and caring lady. I greatly benefitted from knowing Donna and would encourage anyone to participate in any course she teaches. Donna changes lives!” – Anna Canavan, Moville, Donegal

    Don’t let self-doubt rob you of the success you deserve. Seize this opportunity to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment with my Confidence to Succeed Mentorship Program. Reserve your spot today and take the first step toward a future filled with confidence, courage, and success.

      “Donna is a woman of incredible integrity. She more than delivers in everything she does. It’s been a while since we worked together and her input and help continue to be valuable in the interim and beyond.” – Ashleigh Tobin, Wicklow.

      Limited spots available. Invest in yourself and enroll now to secure your place in this life-changing program!

      What will you learn?

      This bootcamp is an interactive experience that will allow us to focus on your needs and goals. We will work together in a supportive environment to create clarity, direction and peace of mind, so you can be confident that your life going forward will be more meaningful and enjoyable and aligned with what truly matters to you.

      The Psychology of Confidence and how it impacts you.

      • Introduction to brain psychology (Don’t worry, I make it very easy to understand!) and its connection to confidence.
      • You learn the role of brain chemicals and how they may be impacting you. You will learn what you can do to ensure positive wellbeing and optimal performance in all areas of your life. I’ll teach you some quality brain hacks!

      Environmental Influences

      • How the environment impacts your outcomes and your confidence
      • Identifying positive and negative influences
      • Strategies for cultivating a supportive environment
      • Identifying what holds you back and how to pave a clear way forward

      Understanding and Aligning Your Authentic Identity

      • The relationship between authenticity and confidence
      • Exploring personal strengths, passions, and unique qualities
      • Building your authentic identity to boost confidence
      • Embracing uniqueness
      • Breaking free from comparison
      • Identifying and owning your strengths

      Needs Assessment Wheel

      • In-depth exploration of the Needs Assessment Wheel
      • Connecting personal needs with confidence levels
      • Creating a plan to address unmet needs and enhance confidence

      Mastering your Thoughts

      • Changing negative thought patterns associated with Imposter Syndrome etc.
      • Introducing cognitive restructuring techniques
      • Guided self-reflection to identify and challenge limiting beliefs
      • Group discussions to share insights and strategies for changing thought patterns

      Overcoming Self-Doubt

      • Identifying and challenging self-doubt
      • Cognitive-behavioural techniques for building confidence
      • Developing a positive self-talk toolkit
      • Understanding self-worth

      Values and Confidence

      • Identifying core values and their impact on confidence
      • Aligning personal and professional goals with values
      • Building confidence through value-driven decision-making

      Setting and Maintaining Boundaries

      • Understanding the psychology of boundaries
      • Identifying personal boundaries and their importance
      • Practical strategies for setting and maintaining healthy boundaries

      Goal Setting and Confidence

      • The psychology of goal setting and its impact on confidence
      • Setting realistic and empowering goals
      • Breaking down goals into achievable actionable steps

      Visualization Techniques

      • Introduction to visualization exercises
      • Guided visualization for effective confidence building
      • Incorporating visualization into daily routines

      Mind-Body Connection

      • Understanding the mind-body connection
      • Incorporating physical activity and mindfulness
      • Breathing exercises for stress reduction and increased confidence

      Reflection and Integration

      • Reflecting on the entire workshop experience
      • Creating a personalized action plan for ongoing confidence building and creating desired outcomes
      • Celebrating achievements and acknowledging progress

        Unlock Your Potential!

        “I had the privilege of working with Donna Kennedy as my personal development coach and the impact she has had on my life is immeasurable. Donna is a gifted coach with a unique ability to connect with her clients and help them unlock their full potential. Her approach is thoughtful, supportive, and empowering.

        Donna provided me with practical tools and strategies to help me overcome personal challenges, and she held me accountable every step of the way. She has a deep understanding of human behaviour and knows how to motivate and inspire her clients.

        Donna’s coaching style is one of compassion, wisdom, and humour. She has a great sense of humour and is able to create a warm and safe environment where her clients can explore their thoughts and feelings. She is a true professional and an expert in her field.”
        – Bimi Felix, Galway


          Total Cost: $997

          (Payment plan available on request.)