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Donna is a caring, sincere and professional woman, a woman with a wealth of experience who has helped others based on her own life experiences. This qualifies her to empower others to overcome all obstacles that stop them from reaching their own goals in life and above all to find real happiness and to love themselves. – CHRISTINA NOBLE OBE

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Get supported by a qualified expert with over 20 year’s experience in the personal development industry! Donna Kennedy is a seven-times bestselling author, highly sought-after professional speaker, psychologist, and mentor. She regularly features in media as an expert in the areas of personal development. Her work has been used and referenced by several leading organisations to train staff, and her academic work has been recognised and published internationally by various faculties, including The American Journal of Psychology and The Irish Psychological Record.

“Donna has big goals and with her generous spirit she always includes everyone in them. Incredible speaker with amazing information! ” John Boyle, (founder of Boyle Sports)
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THE 80/20 RULE

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Dealing with Change

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