There’s more to your story!

I was interviewed on radio this week and a comment was made before we went live, “How did you ever manage to get to where you are considering what you went through.”  Of course we spoke about this in the interview, but today I’d like to let you know a little something that may help you on your journey, should you find yourself challenged or life throws a curveball just when you think you have the game figured out.

You see, I have learned a lot from experience, and I have come to understand that life is unpredictable, and the only constant is uncertainty, However, importantly I have also learnt that within the whirlwind of unpredictability, lies the beauty of our potential—the opportunity to turn dreams into reality, regardless of the circumstances.

I’m not referring to the ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” speel I am however telling you that, just like a rough chapter or two doesn’t define a whole book, your life is not defined by rough times. There’s more to your story, much more!

Imagine a world where every dreamer succumbed to the hurdles they faced. The Eiffel Tower would remain a mere sketch on paper, and the melodies of Mozart would never have graced our ears.

History’s greatest achievements are not the result of smooth roads but rather travelling roads with potholes and obstacles with unwavering determination.

So, remember that you have a dream and hold on to it. Perhaps it’s starting your own business, traveling the world, or mastering a new skill. Take a moment to envision yourself achieving it. Picture the exhilaration, the sense of accomplishment, the joy that fills your heart. Hold onto that image because that’s your beacon amidst the haze.

Sure, life will throw obstacles your way—unexpected bills, rejections, naysayers, and maybe even a global phenomenon or two. But remember, every setback is merely a plot twist in your story, not the end of it. Embrace the challenges as opportunities for resilience and adventure.

The universe has a peculiar way of aligning itself with those who refuse to surrender to despair. So, dare to dream and never give up. Let your imagination run wild and your aspirations soar to new heights. Chase your goals with the fervor of a child chasing fireflies on a summer’s night. And if the going gets tough, laugh in the face of adversity, knowing it will work out, and press on.

You got this!



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