How to prime yourself for focus

Most people are able to focus at least some of the time and get “in the zone” but sometimes, it’s not so easy to focus. You’re at work, and even though you need to get something done, your mind starts wandering and before you know it an hour has passed. Maybe your partner is trying to have a conversation with you, but you don’t register what they say as you get distracted by social media. However, learning to focus is essential to achieving your goals and nurturing your relationships. Consider the following to help you and give time to the exercises suggested.

Your Emotional State.

One of the most important elements of focus is your emotional state. You need to feel like you’re in the driver seat of your life instead of allowing people or circumstance to steer the direction. You need to be clear on the direction you are going in and feel empowered to take control of that. It can be useful to do an emotional declutter (see tips at ) so you can decide what you want with clarity and no distractions.

Set the Destination

You cannot focus on going “somewhere” or achieving “something”. Try entering them into GPS and see the road map you get! You must define what you want very clearly so it’s worth taking time to do write it down. Importantly, once you’ve decided what you want, you must then chunk it down into sub-goals and your focus thereafter will be on completing each of the sub-goals, a bit like building a house. You plot it out clearly but then it’s about building it one brick at a time in sequence.

Look at your beliefs.

You will need to assess your beliefs, both about yourself and your goal. You don’t want the stories you tell yourself to get in the way. “I just don’t have what it takes,” or, “It will be too hard to do this.” kills momentum, so call out any limiting beliefs now and deal with them. By being aware of, and challenging, unproductive mental chatter, you can make better decisions as you move forward. It’s important to be productive not reactive, so doing a personal check-in is very useful.

Energise your body so your mind can function.

What you choose to eat and how you eat will affect your mental stamina and your ability to think clearly. It’s vital that you make sure you give your brain plenty of brain enhancing nutrients such as Omega-3 fatty acids (read more here green veg and fruit, whilst maintaining steady blood sugar levels by eating and drinking water often. You don’t need to diet to be healthy. You just need to learn which foods your body wants and make sure to eat them.


Exercise boosts cognitive function. Do something you enjoy so you can create a sustainable exercise routine. Personally, for the massive benefits it gives and the little time it takes, I rebound on a trampoline. After just five to ten minutes, my mind is ready for action. If you are in my membership club ( , you’ll find a video on it in the Self Discovery Library.

Create a Focus Routine

Small actions done as a daily ritual really improves focus. Do this three-part routine every morning. Make it your mental breakfast!

  1. Simply breathe for a count of 7-11. This engages your parasympathetic system, which makes it easier to relax and focus. Breathe in through your mouth for a count of 7 and out for 11, focusing on a controlled outbreath.
  2. Visualize your goal in detail as you continue to breathe calmly. See your goal realized. See it in bold colour and really connect to it, like you are stepping into new clothes.
  3. Verbally affirm your ability to achieve the goal. When you are in a deep relaxed state and continue to tell yourself you can do something, your brain will register it.

Make this routine a daily habit and watch what happens! If you need a guided visualization to make it really easy, you will find some in the membership club Self Discovery Library.

Do the above today and you will notice a significant improvement in your ability to focus!