10 ways to emotionally declutter.

It can feel so liberating to emotionally declutter. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Stop doing things that make you feel bad about yourself: If getting involved in family drama, makes you feel bad about yourself, stop. If drinking makes you feel bad about yourself, stop. If having conversations with certain people makes you feel bad, stop! Whatever you are doing that makes you feel bad about yourself, stop.
  • Let go of what you can’t control. You cannot control everything and for the most part, life is not so much about the things that are happening, it’s about how you are responding to what’s happening. Sometimes, you just need to let it go and be okay with that. You cannot live people’s lives for them, you cannot change the past, etc. just let it go. It’s okay to.
  • Remove or mute social media accounts that upset you in any way. If something doesn’t bring anything positive to your life unfollow it or select mute. You do not need to be involved in hate speech or other people’s issues, and if you feel sad because you may not have a bikini body or a huge house, etc. don’t keep exposing yourself to images of them and beating yourself up.
  • Get out of group chats that cause you emotional discomfort. If people are badmouthing, making others feel bad about themselves, or sharing hurtful information, you don’t need to be in the chat. It does not add value to your life so leave it.
  • Stop saying yes when you mean no. It’s very important that you stay true to yourself and only do things you want to do. I understand this can be tricky sometimes, if it’s work related or a family occasion for example, but in many cases you can just say no. You are not obliged to take on things that will cause you stress.
  • Write out your thoughts. Writing things out can be a great way to get perspective and clarity.  Don’t structure or judge, just write it all out of your head until you feel the paper is holiding all the thoughts. Then take a break for an hour and come back and read it. This will give you more perspective and clarity about anything that’s bothering you and how you can approach it with a more positive approach.
  • Stop weighing yourself. The number on a scale is not a representation of your worth, so don’t make it be. Body weight fluctuates from time to time naturally, and you can gauge excessive weight gain by how your clothes fit, so unless you have a medical issue, weighing yourself is rarely necessary and will only bring stress. Bin the scale!
  • Cut down on screen time: Set a daily alarm to remind you to take a break and set time limits on apps. Get outside in nature and spend time with friends and family.
  • Be grateful for what you have already. You do not need more to be good enough. Society has become competitive and materialistic, so the tendency is to focus on lack, filling the void, and levelling up instead of where focus should be – current abundance. Stop to notice how abundant your life already is and appreciate it. There are certain things that you just can’t put a price on but are so often taken for granted until they are gone. Be grateful for your ability to walk, talk or hear, if you can. Be grateful for family and friends. etc. You’ll find you have a lot more in your life than you thought, if you take time to notice. As you probably know, based on the gratitude journal Say Your Ten Things, that I created (it’s on Amazon if you want it to see it), I write out ten things I am grateful for every day. It is a powerful exercise!
  • Be present. Stop living in the past and the future. Focus on now. You can’t change the past and the future is just an imagined projected expectation. Be present with the people who matter to you and really squeeze juice from life.

Live life fully. Own it.

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