When it comes to goal-setting, having strong motivation and staying focused are two important elements to success. As good as setting goals and action plans may be, it’s equally important to know why you’re working towards your goal. Understanding the why behind a goal gives you the motivation you need to keep working towards it, even when things get tough. The why is the rocket fuel!

Research shows that having a purpose and understanding why you are setting a goal plays a major role in helping you stay motivated and overcome setbacks and obstacles that arise along the way. Knowing your purpose will also help you stay focused amidst all of the side-distractions that often come with working towards a goal.

Your why doesn’t have to be complicated – it can simply be something that makes you feel a strong sense of purpose and fulfillment when you think about it. So today, I’d like you to consider what your why is. It’s there, just take a moment to connect to it!

Write out all the benefits of achieving your goal. How will it benefit you and others? What might you be able to do when you achieve the goal? What opportunities and possibilities could it open for you? etc. You might be surprised by the impact this little exercise will have on how quick you achieve your goals!

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