The Importance of Visioning

Setting goals is the road map to a successful outcome, but not the vision itself. If you are to achieve what you want, you must have both. The vision is what will excite and stimulate your brain and propel you into action, so if you have things you want to achieve this year, you must create a strong enough vision that your brain will become clear, confident, and passionate about.

This is well understood by top athletes, successful entrepreneurs, inventors etc.  The vision is set before the process of making it a reality even starts. Have you ever seen a pro-golfer before they take an important stroke? They settle themselves, take time to look into their vision, and then take the shot. They don’t just swing the club at the ball. They engage is a process of visioning first.


Visioning is the technique of using your imagination to visualize specific outcomes that you want to occur in your life. Here is a five-part visioning exercise to help you achieve your goals.

  1. Internal vision:  With your eyes closed, see the goal in your mind’s eye.  Do this repeatedly until it’s crystal clear in your mind.  This will allow you to mentally train muscle memory and make the outcome easier to achieve. The best time to do this is when your brain is relaxed, as relaxation makes the brain receptive to suggestion.
  2. External vision: This time, keep your eyes open. Imagine the scenario of when you’ve achieved your goal. For example, actor Jim Carrey wrote himself a cheque for $10 million in 1987.  He dated it “Thanksgiving 1995” and wrote “for acting services rendered.”  He visualized this repeatedly for years and, in 1994, he received $10 million for his role in the movie, Dumb and Dumber. This does not mean it will take you years to achieve your goal. The effort you put into your goal will determine your result, but external visualization needs to be there to keep your mind focused on carrying out the actions needed with enthusiasm and motivation.
  3. Anticipation: The anticipation of a positive outcome activates the reward centre of your brain and releases a chemical called dopamine, which gives you motivation to do more. So, play out the process in your mind. Mentally rehearse it in detail, as though you are watching a pre-recorded movie. Step into that movie, so you are living it. What will you see? How will you look? What will you be doing? Who will be there? What will you hear? Set your intention and pay close attention to it.
  4. Emotion:   Emotion implies energy in motion; E (out of) MOT (to move) ION (energy). That said, you need to attach feeling to your goal, not just thoughts. This means connecting to the positive outcome by first asking yourself, “How will it feel?”, and then doing everything possible to generate feelings now that will grow as you progress. If you want a new house, visit the area you like, have a walk around and imagine you are living there. If being healthier is your goal, imagine stepping into your healthy body and walk and move as you would when you are healthy. Physically connect to it, so you feel it.
  5. Affirm it: Verbally affirm (to yourself or aloud) the achievement of your goals using present tense words. “I am becoming healthier every day.”, “I have abundance and I receive more and more each day.” “I am open to possibilities and opportunities that allow me to develop and loving relationship” , “My confidence is growing and I connect with friends easily.” Then write it down.

Once you determine specific outcomes, attach to them in every way and create a plan. I will give you tips on doing this in my next blog and if you are a club member you will be learning specific strategies in the coming year via our webinars. For now, visioning is an essential step to ignite your enthusiasm for the year ahead! Start the process today.

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To your happiness and success!