Prioritise your life.

In my opinion, about every 10 years your life priorities change. Look back at your life from birth to now and you will see very obvious priority shifts. However, people often don’t adjust their lives accordingly,  in a way that allows what is important to them to BE important. Instead, they dream about what they value and plod along within their roles and expectations, leaving the things that truly matter to them as secondary hopeful luxuries —  “I’d love to spend more time with my family, but work has to get done”, instead of, “I’d love to spend more time with my family, and I need to figure out how I can adjust things to ensure that happens.”, for example. So, today I invite you to do a little review and ask yourself these three questions:

1) What is important to you NOW?

You may have several things on your list to start with but write them all down. Don’t hold back and don’t judge.

*Club members: Look in the Self Discovery Library at the video on VALUES. It will give you clarity.

2) What is MOST important to you NOW?

Make a list in order of importance and get to work on making adjustments to appreciate the things that rank highest.

3) What will be the benefits of making what’s important to you a priority?

How will you benefit? How will others benefit? Who will benefit? etc. Breathe life into your priorities and make them happen.

Make it a must! Life is about living FULLY, not plodding along or going through the motions. You are not here to impress, compete, or fit in. It’s time to do YOUR thing, in your way. You will never please everyone all the time, so stop wasting your beautiful life trying to. VALUE your life and live it intentionally!

I am happy to help and support you in doing this, as I appreciate it can be easier said than done. You deserve to live FULLY, so don’t put YOU off any longer. If you haven’t downloaded my FREE ebook yet, please do so here , as it will help you reframe, and if you want to make it much easier, let me help you by becoming part of my club. See and let’s get started! You will learn from me and my leadership team, with lots of added benefits to move you forward and ensure you live a life you love!