Moving outside your comfort zone

There are many situations where we must be uncomfortable, to grow, learn and get results. However, it can be a struggle for many people when sameness and familiarity is easier. Those who master the task of being comfortable with the uncomfortable are usually those that constantly stretch their limits, increasing tolerance for discomfort, as facing new difficult situations and learning from them makes you stronger than before. I have learned to do this and it’s something I practice every day, in many different ways, to make sure I continue to grow and stay on top of my game. The great thing is, your ability to manage discomfort is not something set; you can choose at any time to increase your ability to manage discomfort, so you can achieve your goals regardless of anything. I’d like to give you a gift of my eBook to get you started and below are some things that helped me to move out of my comfort zone often. I hope you find them useful too. Download the eBook at

I am also happy to support you, as not everyone finds the following steps easy to do on their own, all of the time. Many people need some support and accountability. If you think you need assistance, become part of my club and let’s get things moving for you together. You can find club details at

Regularly challenge and review beliefs, ideas, and opinions of yourself and others. 

Get curious and ask questions, especially as you progress through your various stages of life. Are your beliefs, ideas and opinions serving you? Review it all and write it down, so it’s in front of you in black and white, and so you can become open to seeing that there are many different perspectives in the world and it’s okay to have yours too.

Stop Comparing

Everyone is different and everyone grows in their own way. You are unique so comparing yourself to someone else is like comparing an apple and an orange. Although they are both fruit, they are not and never can be the same. Embrace who you are and all your idiosyncrasies. Ask yourself how you can focus your energy more on enhancing yourself instead of comparing yourself to others.

Embrace new social settings

Try being more social and accepting of the discomfort that comes with being in new situations. I found this one particularly challenging at the beginning, as I wasn’t exactly Miss Confident in my earlier years and it made me feel vulnerable, However, sticking with it has brought me massive opportunities. Over time, you will become a better conversationalist and you will learn how to interact with people in different settings. It does take practice, and sometimes it involves taking a chance, but you have to take chances if you want to grow and open opportunities. Not everyone will embrace you, but the right people will! And remember that all the people you encounter are also outside their comfort zone!

Practice mindfulness to stay grounded.

The next time you’re in an uncomfortable situation, keep your mind from spiraling out of control by becoming mindful. Intentionally slow your breathing down or internally repeat a mantra like “I am safe, I am strong” so it brings you into calm.

*Note to club members: Use the mindfulness and breathing exercise videos and audios in the Self Discovery Library to help you do this.


Repeating uncomfortable situations forces your body and your mind to get used to them, so they hit a level of desensitization, the same way top athletes do grueling training session for hours at a time to help them to push through towards better performance. It’s all about levelling up your mind-body ability to withstand discomfort. When you “do discomfort” regularly, your mind and body accept it more easily. 

Try new things just because

Every week try something new for no reason other than training your brain to become more comfortable with discomfort. It broadens your horizons and can be beneficial in helping you grow. It doesn’t have to be anything major, it can be as simple as taking a new route to work, trying new cuisine, wearing a bold colour scarf that you normally wouldn’t or trying your hand at a new hobby. There are so many new things to try but do it as a weekly practice. Repetition is the bridge between discomfort and comfort.

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