How to deal with setbacks.

As you may know, during the first half of my life I had quite a few major setbacks, but thankfully I learned that there are things you can do if you experience challenge. regardless of your circumstance. to make sure you become the best version of yourself and live FULLY. Below are some tips and you are welcome to download my FREE eBook to help you further, if you haven;t already downloaded it. And check out my CLUB  to really get things moving for you today.

1. Breathe! 

When a person is experiencing a setback it can be stressful and with stress comes shallow-breathing.  This may not be something you realised you were doing, but it does happen, and without proper breathing your brain is not getting the level of oxygen it needs for clear thinking and top performance. So, begin my taking a few slow deep breaths, remembering that it’s okay to feel frustrated or overwhelmed. You are human, you are not a robot.

2. Have the right Attitude

I know this can be difficult, and without sounding like Mary Poppins, your attitude towards a setback really will determine how well you manage it. Acknowledge that setbacks are a part of life, but don’t let them define you. You need to take ownership to move forward. There is no room for negativity-on-repeat in any solution. Acknowledge emotions with complete respect but don’t let them cloud your vision. Give yourself (and literally time it, for say 5 minutes) an intentional time limit to be all-in emotional about it. Then after that time is up, get matter-of-fact about it, so you can move forward. I know this may sound unusual but it does work!

Note to club members: Look at the video on Attitude in the club Self Discovery Library for specific guidance.

3. Re-evaluate

Take a step back to assess the situation. Ask yourself what went wrong and why, but without criticism. It’s important to understand where the setback occurred, so you can make a plan to prevent it from happening again. It’s not about looking for failure, it’s about looking for feedback from the experience and using it to empower you. Some things you cannot change, but you can decide how you are going to respond to them.

4. Refocus and Create a Plan

Put a plan in place to deal with the setback in a step-by-step manner. Trying to do lots of things all at once to save the day is futile. To get a result, you must execute a plan strategically, step-by-step. Take time out to clear your head first – literally outside. Research shows that people come up with solutions (60% more) when brainstorming outdoors. Something to keep in mind when creating your plan!

Note to club members: Look at the video on Goal Setting in the club Self Discovery Library. Do the exercise given to create the action plan.

5. Stay Organized and Take Action

Having an organized plan can help you stay on track and prevent further setbacks. Keep a list of tasks and prioritize them according to importance.

6. Seek Help

Don’t be afraid to seek out help from friends, family or an outside source. Having a support system can be invaluable to you when dealing with setbacks . Also, consider joining my club to keep your mindset on track and motivated. See DONNA’S CLUB It can help keep you really focused, as the testimonials consistently show.

7. Don’t Give Up

No matter how difficult the setback, don’t give up. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep pushing forward. You will come out stronger, if you choose to focus on being your best self.