Congratulations on purchasing Drive your Life with Confidence! It is possibly one of the best investments you could ever have made. Make sure you engage with the exercises and absorb the information fully.

Tips for using the programme:

  • It’s best to watch this programme on a laptop or computer with good sound. Several graphics are shown to add value and they can be viewed better on a big screen.
  • Spread out modules instead of trying to cram viewing into one long sitting. Watch a module a day until you’ve completed all 7, taking your time and doing the recommended exercises fully. There is a lot of information given, so allow your brain to absorb it easily!
  • Watch this programme when you can concentrate and do the exercises suggested.
  • Watch the videos in sequence as each exercise builds on the next.
  • Take your time. There is no rush and you’re not in a race. Take it at your own pace.
  • Have an open mind as some of the concepts may be new to you.
  • Choose what works best for you in your given circumstances.
  • Enjoy learning and doing!



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