Don’t be an elephant!

One day a man walked past a camp of elephants. Looking closer, he was surprised to see that these mighty animals weren’t held in cages or kept in chains. The only thing stopping them from escaping? A thin rope tied from one of their legs to a simple pole in the ground. Confused as to why they didn’t use their strength to break the rope, he asked the trainer why they weren’t attempting to run away. To this the trainer replied, “As baby elephants, we use the same system. But, at that age, the rope is strong enough to stop them from escaping. They grow up like this, believing they can never break the rope, so even as adults they stay put.” In other words, these powerful, magnificent, and intelligent elephants didn’t believe they could free themselves, so they never tried.

Might it be possible that YOU are allowing beliefs to hold you back from living your life FULLY? When you were a child, were you told that the tooth fairy and Santa Claus were real, and at the time you may have believed it? You might also have been led to believe that intelligence is measured by academic performance or your ability to read or write, that success is measured by how much you have in your bank account, that beauty is defined by body size and symmetry etc., all of which is false. So, is it possible that you currently have beliefs about yourself and the world you live in that aren’t true either, just nobody bothered to tell you otherwise? Of course!

But when was the last time you actually challenged your beliefs? An hour ago? Yesterday? A week ago? Or was it longer than that? I am telling you now that if you don’t question your beliefs often, you will stay as stuck as the elephant you just read about, and your decisions, direction and life happiness will be directly impacted!

Ask yourself, are the beliefs you have about yourself serving you? Are they making you happy or tying you down? If they are limiting you, consider breaking free from them! I am going to say something now that you may or may not like, but I say it with authenticity and kindness, and because I care about you and your future. Ready? Here it is: You are not a child anymore, you’re all grown up, you are stronger and more capable than you think, and now it’s time to, as my mother would say “Cop on!” What on earth are you waiting for? You deserve to live FULLY. Stop playing small! Step up and into your potential. You CAN!

What would it be like to live with beliefs that serve you and the people around you? Imagine that! Guess what? You get to decide! Start by downloading my FREE eBook at to help you change your beliefs, and join my club, where you will learn from me and my leadership team. I used to believe all sorts of rubbish about myself, and it brought me to very dark places. However, I learned how to completely untie myself from everything that held me back, and I am happy to show you how you can feel free too, and to support you in doing it. See to learn more.

You deserve to LIVE FULLY!

Don’t put it off anymore.