Donna Kennedy’s Quotes to live by

“We were all born happy and conditioned not to be. It’s time to take control of your life and be the happy amazing person you were born to be! –Donna Kennedy


 “Say your 10 things! Every morning when you wake up think of 10 things you can be grateful for. ” – Donna Kennedy’s mother


 “Minds are like parachutes, they only function when they are open” – Thomas Dewar


“The past is lived already. What you do in this moment will determine the moments to follow. You decide.” – Donna Kennedy “Your style tells your story.” – Donna Kennedy

Donna Kennedy (BA Psych (hons), MHGC, MNLP) is a 3 time best-selling author, psychologist, business and life coach and a highly sought after professional speaker. She regularly features in national and international media as an expert in the areas of personal and business development and she has given seminars to thousands of people and companies worldwide. Her work has also been recognised and cited in international journals by leading organisations and faculties.

Donna experienced several challenges in her early years but overcame those challenges against all odds. At one point in her life her confidence was so low that she was afraid to walk across the street on her own. Now she is a confident woman who says yes to life and embraces opportunity.

More about Donna…

Having learned from some of the world’s greatest achievers, at age 23 she bought her first investment property and at age 24 she created her first company, turning over a €1,000,000 in the first year! Year-on-year she has gone from strength to strength and is impacting people worldwide with her fresh and unique approach.

Her passion is to teach others to reach their potential. It is her firm belief that it is not what happens to you in your life that matters as much as what you do with what happens to you. If you want better results in your life and business, learn from Donna!


“Listen to this girl, she knows what she’s talking about!” – Bob Proctor (best-selling author and teacher in The Secret)

“You’re going to thank me in your prayers for recommending her to you.” Mark-Victor-Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul book series)

“Donna is an extraordinary woman, an inspiration” – Pat Kenny, Irish radio and TV Presenter

“Donna has big goals and with her generous spirit she always includes everyone in them. Amazing speaker with incredible information! ” John Boyle, Billion pound company, Boyle Sports

“If you are looking for extraordinary results, a life-changing mindset, ready to make a positive difference and take action, Donna Kennedy is the woman to see, listen to, and read. She will take you from Ordinary to Extraordinary!” – Ann McIndoo (bestselling Author)