Despite hard work and value to offer, many business owners find themselves in a situation where they feel underpaid and undervalued, existing in a constant struggle to get more clients amongst heavy competition. On the flip side, some business owners make it so instead of the daily grind they get paid more for their services and products and they attract more opportunities. They become visibly valuable and get paid well for it. Here are some tips to help you improve and expand your business.

Become known as the Expert

Set yourself apart from your competition by becoming the expert. Be seen to be the best at what you do. The easiest and fastest way to do that, in my opinion, is to write a book and a compelling blog. A book is like a business card on steroids! It automatically positions you at the top, portraying you to be the most knowledgeable, credible and expert in your industry. People have the perception that you offer higher value and therefore they are happy to pay a higher price for your products and services. Not only that media are happy to promote authors for free (features create interest for their viewers, listeners and readers) so you get regular opportunities to tell people what you do and what you have to offer, an opportunity most people pay thousands of dollars for via traditional advertising methods. (For more information about how you can do become the expert effectively submit a query to


You must be able to clearly communicate your message to people, in a way that influences them to want to be part of your plans and projects. Your message should be clear, credible, pertinent and most of all it should leave a positive impact. Do you know specifically, with crystal clarity, what product or service you are offering to people? Do you know who your ideal customer is? If not, identify what it is you are offering and what you want. Then work on a strong pitch.

Create Raving Fans

A raving fan is someone who loves your product or service so much that they want to tell everyone about you. To ensure you create raving fans for your business give your customer a product or service that is in-line with their wants, needs and expectations and then give them a little bit more. If you satisfy them, they will effectively become your loyal word-of-mouth sales team! Listen to what people are looking for and go the extra mile.

Become Visible and Attractive

There is a phrase “it’s all about who you know in business that matters”. I beg to differ. In my opinion, it’s all about who knows you that matters. It’s all good and well knowing people, but unless they know about you, you can’t tell them about your products or services! The aim should be to make it so people know who you are and come looking for you and your business, instead of you having to chase them all the time. Make people want you and importantly tell them where to find you! What do people find when they search for you online? Do you show up in search engines or even at offline networking events? Can they contact you easily if they find your name? Does your social media presence reflect the message you want to portray or are you giving conflicting messages? Make sure you make a positive impression!

Network with Purpose

Networking events are a great way to get people to know who you are. However, although there are readily available, so many people attend them with no actual revenue producing outcome. That is because they just attend, they don’t network with actual purpose. Networking events are a perfect opportunity to pitch your offer and yourself. Attend as many business events as you can with the aim of getting more customers. For more information on how you can network with purpose go to

Create Profitable Products

Most people swap their time for money, which can be fine on if you intend to keep your business to a small scale. However, if you want to expand your business, you can’t possibly do so by swapping your time for money alone. You simply don’t have enough time. If you want to expand, you need to create relevant products or at least sell others’ products on a commission basis. The products should deliver the same service but in a more convenient way. For example, you might make an online version of a course you currently teach in person. Once the initial work is done (product creation) you can sell it to anyone anywhere at any time. It effectively becomes a 24-7 revenue stream for you but without you physically having to be there. Look for ways you can create products to support your business.

Strategic Alliances

You cannot do everything on your own all of the time if you want a successful business. You must work with other people and do it effectively. Look for ways you can create mutually beneficial partnerships with people who can help you grow. You must learn to leverage other people’s skills and resources not just your own. There are people currently around you that can feed clients into you. Just open your eyes to notice them. Stop and think – who has access to your best client type? Who communicates with your client type on a regular basis? Find these core people and build strong business relationships with them.


Successful people surround themselves with successful people. They share similar mindsets, insights, strategies and they have a desire for growth. They look for solutions to challenges and they work together to achieve positive outcomes. Masterminding facilitates greatness and expansion. Who do you need to surround
yourself with so you can grow?

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